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February 11, 2020

Red Carpet Trends at Oscars 2020

Red Carpet Trends at Oscars 2020

Throughout awards season, which runs traditionally from November into February, film stars and celebrities flock in front of the camera to show off their best looks. Quite often, it’s these outfits, styles and political statements that we remember just as much as the eventual winners of the awards themselves. 

The Oscars 2020 saw the curtain brought down on this year’s awards season with a bang, with many standout looks and some very noticeable trends grabbing the headlines. Take a glimpse into the styles that shone on the red carpet this year and see what you make of it all. Welcome to the red carpet trends of the Oscars 2020.

Making a statement 

Fashion can be one of our finest tools for making a statement and some of the night’s stars certainly didn’t disappoint when it came to speaking up on the important issues. Chief amongst these was Natalie Portman who took no prisoners in donning a Dior gown emblazoned with the names of the female directors who weren’t given a spot in this year’s male-centric Best Director category. The fight for equality continues. 

Less well-known than Portman, Sandy Powell, veteran costume designer, slipped on an over-sized white suit and canvassed her fellow attendees to scribble their signatures onto her blank clothing canvas. The reason? To put the suit up for auction in order to raise funds to buy the former home of the late Derek Jarman, noted artist, activist and filmmaker. Powell’s marker-penned suit also made an appearance at the BAFTAs. 

Catching The Eye 

There’s no better way to stand out from the endless cavalcade of carefully-designed dresses than by opting for flamboyance over restraint. Pose star Billy Porter was unmissable in an outlandish two-piece extremely befitting of his aura of non-conformity. One part alluring golden fleece, one part wonderfully-illustrated silk skirt, the arresting ensemble was finished off by a custom pair of Jimmy Choos.

Elsewhere, Janelle Monae dazzled in a glitzy, silver-speckled hooded dress with a stunning red lipstick and Billie Eilish, bedecked in Chanel and in possession of her characteristic green-and-black hairstyle, further stole the spotlight with some frighteningly full-length black nails.

Keeping It Simple 

Depending on your preference, there’s also much to be said for keeping things simple. Best Actress winner Renee Zellwegger’s stripped-back look proved the very opposite of Bridget Jones. Clad in a custom Armani dress, Zellwegger kept one shoulder exposed and let her radiant skin soak up the camera flashes. Margot Robbie followed in these simple footsteps, teaming Hollywood waves with glamorous red lips and sporting a gorgeous black dress with distinctive, floor-scraping sleeves.

Recycling Fashion

As another example of using awards season as a platform to make a statement, the trend for recycled fashion was very much in evidence at the Oscars. Saoirse Ronan, who captivated in a half-periwinkle, half-black Gucci dress, made use of some of the material that made up her Bafta costume whilst Timothee Chalamet got onboard with sustainable fashion by opting to don an outfit partly made from Econyl, Prada’s repurposed and recycled version of nylon. 

Best Actor winner Joaquin Phoenix went one better than both, choosing to wear the same suave tuxedo he’s sported throughout awards ceremonies over the last few months. Could this upending of tradition signal a brave new trend in award season fashion? 

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