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December 17, 2019

#Trending: What To Expect From Aesthetics In 2020

As we sit on the edge of a new year, it’s natural to start speculating on what the next twelve months will bring. Yet, 2020 is not merely just the start of another year, but the beginning of a new decade and a dive into the potential unknown, bringing with it all sorts of new ideas and possibilities. After all, how different does the world look now to how it did at the end of 2009?


And, with things taking a turn for the better or worse – (depending on your perspective!) in both the sphere of aesthetics and the world at large over the last decade, I thought it prescient to ask fellow industry experts for their thoughts on where 2020, and possibly even the next decade, will take us. Gathered below are their thoughts and opinions on where we’re all headed, and what to expect from aesthetics in 2020!


Alternative anti-ageing treatments

Dr Stefanie Williams, Dermatologist and Medical Director at Eudelo, highlights a shift towards addressing the signs of ageing on a “cellular level” by using such radical anti-ageing treatments as Intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia treatment (IHHT). Far from an ordinary aesthetic procedure, this treatment involves patients making use of an oxygen mask to improve their immune system, allowing cells to regenerate faster and balance the production of hormones, resulting in an overall improvement in physical health and aesthetic appearance from the inside out. 


Looking at the bigger picture

Dr Pamela Benito, Award-winning Surgeon and Aesthetic Doctor, also points out how many people are looking beyond what is immediately visible to the naked eye to highlight the relationship between our physical health and outward appearance. “We know more about the link between gut health and skin health, with more aesthetics clinics are offering high-end, clinically-backed nutraceutical brands like Aethern, which restores collagen and skin health from within. These supplements are going to be more prominently featured alongside standard cosmeceutical skincare and injectables.”


“Hair is everything”

As per the iconic line from Fleabag, hair is taking centre stage. Vicky Demetriou, Expert Extensionist at Larry King, states that “hair extensions will go mainstream as the hair ‘tweakment’ in 2020”. Helpful in “concealing areas of hair loss and thinning…” whilst “providing fullness and volume”, this is a trend that has been made possible by significant advancements in hair extension technology from ethical brands like Great Lengths. With the use of a specific type of flat handmade ‘tape’ extension, these extensions are incredibly natural-looking and create a dazzling appearance with very little maintenance and effort – perfect for those who are short on time but who still want to make a big impression.


“Minimising the beauty graveyard” 

Clinical-grade skincare will be the major player in our 2020 beauty regimes, according to Pam Marshall, Clinical Aesthetician & Co-Founder of Mortar & Milk. The new decade will see us turn our backs on “natural” products as well as the more traditional brands that normally occupy our daily routines. Why? “Most cosmetics cannot pass the stratum corneum (our outer dead layer) and therefore will have little to no effect on solving our skin issues.” With their ability to rectify a series of issues in “just a few products”, the rise in application of clinical-grade ingredients will therefore result in less wasteful usage of ineffective beauty products, contributing less plastic waste to the environment and “minimising the beauty graveyard” in the process.  


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In amongst all of the speculation, one thing will remain unchanged in 2020: for brands, businesses and technicians alike to use various promotional channels and techniques to reach their target audiences. If you want to add some strategic insight to your PR in the new year, contact us today 


June 21, 2019


The BRIT Awards gathers musicians from all around the world for a glamorous night bursting full of talent. 2019’s leading lady Jess Glynne headlines the night with four nominations and a pre-ceremony performance. An evening as exciting as this calls for a foundation to withstand the pressures of singing, dancing and acceptance speeches in front of thousands. Jess turns to Oxygenetix for a flawless, lightweight foundation that won’t budge.

“Oxygenetix has allowed me to wear makeup without the fear of my skin having a breakout. As I don’t really like wearing a lot of makeup, Oxygenetix allows me to wear a foundation without feeling like I am.” – Multi BRIT Award Nominee, Jess Glynne

Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation is a celeb-favourite (fans also include Ellie Goulding and Zara Larsson) with a revolutionary, breathable formula packed full with skin-health boosting ingredients. Hyaluronic Acid, Green Tea and Aloe Vera all benefit the skin throughout 24-hour wear. The long-lasting foundation maintains complete coverage with no need for touch-ups, allowing Jess’ skin to look faultless all night long.

• Soothes and nourishes the skin.

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• Doesn’t rub off on clothing, making it ideal for outfit changes.

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