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April 6, 2017

The Essential First Step to any PR or Marketing Strategy

At Kendrick PR, we combine years of expert, strategic PR and marketing counsel with targeted tactical implementation. This is a achieved through a structured, step-by-step process, in a method that ensures truly definitive results for aesthetic businesses, every time.

When you first contact Julia, the first thing she will look to establish is whether you have defined your strategic messaging. If you have, Julia will go through this with you in detail to ensure it is truly differentiating you from the competition and is reflective of your business objectives. If you have not yet considered your messaging, this is the very first step that she will help you to take on your journey to success.

What is strategic messaging?

The importance of strategic messaging can often be overlooked or misunderstood. In short, this is the blueprint for how you communicate about yourself, and your business: what you deliver for your customers, why you are different from the competition, what you believe in and stand for. IT is the consistent identity you present to your target audiences- be that patients, the media or industry peers. Strategic messaging is the foundation for building your ongoing communications strategy (an umbrella term to describe activities such as marketing, public relations, advertising etc.).

To go into further depth, when implemented correctly, your strategic messaging allows you to:

  • Define, identify, segment and prioritise your audiences and target consumers
  • Create a clear, credible and compelling message
  • Clearly differentiate yourself from competitors
  • Confirm your visions and values
  • Outline your business objectives, goals and key actions
  • Connect and deliver messages to your potential clients with confidence
  • Validate content plans, and then implement!

Your strategic messaging will be like a ‘bible’ that you refer to whenever creating any new content as a business. It is an essential tool and you cannot live without it if you want to succeed.

Can I create my own strategic messaging?

Simply – yes, of course you can. However, it is always advised to seek the advice of an expert before you do so, to ensure you get an external perspective and that you’re differentiating effectively. Here at Kendrick PR, Julia has helped to create and devise the strategic positioning and messaging for many manufacturers, brands and individual clinics, and if this is something you are considering, the clear recommended route would be to get a professional to do it for you!

However, Julia also works with many clients that do not necessarily have the budget for ongoing PR, and so has created a set of strategic marketing toolkits to help all business owners develop and grow their brands.

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