Victoria Beckham's Skin Saviour, PRP, Has Had A Facelift. ENTER EXOKINE. - Kendrick PR
June 18, 2019

Victoria Beckham’s Skin Saviour, PRP, Has Had A Facelift. ENTER EXOKINE.

Dr Stefanie Williams at the renowned Eudelo Clinic has upped the stakes by being one of the first clinics in the UK to introduce EXOKINE Therapy.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) for skin regeneration is a red-hot topic, especially with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, who recently reported her love of this natural rejuvenating treatment. Victoria recently took to Instagram to show her love for all things bloody, promoting her bespoke moisturiser formulated with her own PRP.

PRP therapy is having a facelift! Eudelo EXOKINE Therapy is a ‘pumped up version’. Unlike traditional PRP, EXOKINE Therapy includes a much wider variety of growth factors, from all the different types of cells in the patient’s blood, in a higher concentration.

EXOKINE Therapy works by taking the patients’ blood to create a personalised essence rich in a variety of different natural growth factors, to stimulate collagen and elastin production. In addition, the EXOKINE essence is completely cell-free, as all cells are removed from the growth factor solution prior to injection. This is important, as certain types of cell contamination in the solution may cause an inflammatory response in the skin. PRP remains an effective (and popular) technique for skin rejuvenation, however the new Eudelo EXOKINE Therapy takes this to the next level, by offering the latest and most innovative German technology for improving skin quality and slowing down ageing on a cellular level.

Launching end of January 2019 Price: Exokine Needling: £1,215 per session / Exokine Injections: £1395 per session

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