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April 6, 2017

Turning New Customers into Repeat Customers

Customer retention is one of the most essential aspects of running an aesthetics business. Sadly, this element is often overlooked because of the focus on acquiring new customers to keep the business alive. But, did you know that new clients take the most time and cost to find?
The truth is – you already KNOW most of your ideal customers.  They are sitting in your patient database and I guarantee that if you sifted through your list you’d find a significant number of patients who came for a consultation and then disappeared, or had one treatment and didn’t come back. Existing customers have the lowest cost and require the least effort to generate income for your business. That’s true! The secret of any successful aesthetic clinic is repeat treatments from repeat customers. Most treatments require maintenance and if you please your customers the first time, they will surely want to try other treatments that suit their needs.
One way to retain new customers is having a great business card with a returning customer offer or a simple text message with your details, the offer and a message saying you look forward to seeing them again.  This should keep you front of mind and remind them that they once had a close-to-perfect service from your clinic. Keeping a record of their contact details should be your top priority.
Now that you have shared each other’s contact information, you should proactively remind them as to when they are due for repeat treatments – Botox and dermal filler top-ups are prime examples, which get the patients back into your clinic in as little as three months. The most successful business strategies are those that are valuable to the customers, so make sure that you do the follow-up as a service rather than just a sales drive. The more they become aware that you are concerned about their well-being, the more they will become attached to your services.  Make sure you have discussed repeat treatments and your reminders before they leave the clinic the first time, so nothing is a surprise.
Answering the phone promptly, at all times, should be default. No customer wants to waste their time waiting on the line just to set an appointment with you. Better answer the phone right away before they start searching for other available clinics.
You can also offer small incentives to those who came back after their first treatment at your clinic. As mentioned – an offer or just a free product from your business all has an impact on how warm they feel about you, and helps with turning them into repeat customers. Just make sure you’ve checked out the regulations on promotional offers and gifts to ensure they are appropriate and are not seen as encouraging treatment without consideration.  First impressions last, but second impressions are what truly count. That’s true for most thriving businesses.
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