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September 6, 2022

The Importance of Securing Media Coverage for Products and Brands

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As a brand owner there are numerous options when it comes to marketing and promoting your products and services, but securing media coverage is often top of the wishlist as it’s deemed crucial to fuelling commercial success. If your brand or product can grab press attention in the aesthetics, beauty and wellness industries you can expect to increase brand awareness, build trust, grow sales and more! Securing the right type of coverage results requires a strategic PR approach and takes time – it’s not a ‘pick up and drop’ activity, but the impressive benefits will have a lasting positive effect on your brand.

In this article, our beauty PR experts explain the importance of securing media coverage for aesthetics, beauty and wellness products and brands.

What is media coverage?

In the world of Public Relations (PR), media coverage is content which refers to your brand that is pitched by PR professionals and subsequently published by journalists or writers in media outlets (ie. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites etc.).

For example, when Kendrick PR pitches a new product launch to a journalist at Tatler magazine and they write a dedicated article, or feature it within a story then we secured this “media coverage” for our client.

The benefits of media coverage for aesthetics and beauty brands

Securing media coverage for your brand is an effective way to engage your target audiences and stimulate business growth – the key is gain positive press mentions in the media that your target audiences are consuming across print and online sources, including social media. Media coverage can help to:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Position your brand amongst the competition
  • Nurture a good brand reputation
  • Build trust and credibility
  • Present key messages in a timely manner
  • Generate sales or enquiries from new and existing customers
  • Drive website traffic
  • Drive footfall into stores
  • Publicise new products and events or special offers

The role of the media for aesthetics and beauty brands

It may seem that the entire world is going digital, however, print is still in fashion especially in the aesthetics, beauty and wellness industry. Print media such as newspapers, magazines, and supplements are still actively consumed by large sections of society and key titles continue to influence their readers’ behaviour and tastes. You may have noticed that your favourite titles have had a digital makeover and you can consume their editorial content and bonus features online too – presenting more media coverage opportunities for brands!

The role of social media for aesthetics and beauty brands

Online and social media has become a lucrative medium for securing media coverage mostly thanks to the re-shareability and reach that they can offer to brands.  Beauty brands were amongst the first to harness the power of influencer marketing and it’s a key PR strategy deployed by savvy brands. Social media coverage in the form of carefully planned strategic influencer campaigns offer a creative way to:

  • Support brand profiling
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reach a wider audience
  • Build credibility and trust
  • Gains social proof and endorsement
  • Boost sales and enquiries
  • Drive website traffic
  • Grow your social media following and community
  • Promote a special offer or new launch

How do brands secure media coverage?

Brands secure media coverage including press and social media mentions in two ways:

  1. Via their appointed PR agency: a team of PR professionals or individual PR consultant will act as an extension to their inhouse PR team or in lieu of one. An agreement and budget will be in place to ensure they work effectively to deliver the brand’s PR goals. The team within a PR agency will often have excellent existing relationships with the media and key influencers within their specialist sector.
  2. Directly with the press and social media influencers: some brands have a dedicated in-house PR Manager or team to devise and deliver their brand’s PR strategy, media networks and level of experience vary.

The key ways to secure media coverage

One of the main tasks for a PR professional, whether they work in-house at a brand or within a PR agency, is to secure media coverage. They do this by working with their media and social media contacts – a great network with carefully nurtured media relationships is essential in the world of PR and to any PR career. To secure media coverage for their brand or client they will:

  • Conduct PR outreach: send a well written press release to relevant contacts to generate interest and stimulate requests for further information
  • Receive and respond to PR requests: their media contacts will regularly contact them for information i.e. products, quotes etc. to feature in their upcoming content
  • Provide seasonal or trend-led angles linking their brand or product with a timely topic of interest for the press
  • Provide expert quotes, or more in-depth news, features, interviews, reviews or other content types to promote or feature the brand

The role of a PR agency

On behalf of their client (i.e. beauty brand or aesthetics clinic), a beauty PR agency will manage and build a desired brand reputation amongst key stakeholders, including target customers. Their key focusing is typically to generate media coverage – also known as earned media or earned content – which is any material written about a brand that hasn’t been paid for.

A good PR agency will devise an effective PR strategy to increase brand awareness and boost sales through securing influential third party endorsements and coverage among press, influencers, celebrities etc. In addition to PR strategy, a full service PR agency will offer a full portfolio of niche PR services which may include Influencer Marketing, Brand Ambassador Management and Product and Press Event Management.

The benefits of a PR agency

When it comes to securing media coverage for your brand, reputation and relationships are everything – more so in the aesthetics, beauty and wellness industry. When your brand appoints an established PR agency who specialise in your sector, you will instantly be able to leverage their team’s influential and valuable network of journalists, influencers, celebrities, KOLs and more!

A PR agency can save you and your team time, money and stress – if you’re finding that securing media coverage for your brand is becoming a time consuming and overwhelming task with disappointing results, now is a good time to book a discovery call with a potential PR partner!

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