The Expert Take on Menopause... - Kendrick PR
October 18, 2021

The Expert Take on Menopause…

Truths, treatments & the formula for easing symptoms…

There are some shocking stats around women’s experience of menopause.13 million women in the UK are peri or post-menopausal, and evidence suggests at least 50% of these women experience debilitating symptoms relating just to vaginal dryness and atrophy, let alone brain fog, irritability and hair loss. With limited options available on the NHS, we need to talk about alternative therapies and treatments that work to help women rightfully regain themselves…

The Tweakments

Leading London clinic The Well, offer multiple treatments spanning the medical through to aesthetic to wellness; their in-house team prescribe the ultimate bespoke treatments combinations to help each client.

They recommend: IV Therapy and customised injectables such as treatment for hyperhidrosis – a very popular and essential treatment for those experience hot flushes Botox and subtle filler to replace and disguise volume loss Customised skin treatments  such as peels to target pigmentation caused by hormonal changes, or an Exilis treatment to combat skin laxity


Pioneers in liposomal technology, Altrient create highly bio-available Vitamin formulations.. Altrient’s vitamin C aids the body in its increased need for the vitamin, and supports with collagen production, and energy release Altrient Vitamin B vitamin complex supports with the functions of the nervous system, whilst also contributing to healthy hair, nails and skin. Altrient’s Glutathione is key in restoring the body’s natural antioxidant levels to help improve cell regeneration, and flush out metabolic waste.


Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Dr Paula Briggs says “Urogenital atrophy a silent epidemic with lack of awareness in women and clinician, affecting accurate diagnosis and treatment. The MonaLisa Touch® is a painless and innovative treatment for internal or external vaginal dryness or soreness. “It is quick, easy and effective in the vast majority of women suffering from urogenital atrophy, and may resolve common urinary problems such as frequency, incontinence and recurrent infections’’ The cost? Approx £1,200 for 3x, and consultation (dependent on practitioner).


Consultant Dermatologist and hair & scalp expert Dr Sharon treats problematic hair and skin issues pertaining to the menopause daily. She says ‘both hair thinning and acne in menopause is related to the increase in male hormones (androgen)- They drive the balding process but also stimulates the grease glands into overproduction causing breakouts’

She recommends:

  • Hydration: incorporate humectants (ie. hyaluronic acid) into your haircare). Keep heat to a minimum: hair fibre is much more fragile and brittle post-menopause.
  • Exfoliate: skin AND scalp turnover slows down with age – the scalp is no exception . A once weekly exfoliation will keep cell turnover healthy 
  • Diet: Pay particular attention to iron, vitamin D and polyunsaturated fats.