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June 2, 2020

How Covid-19 Could Change Our Approach To Aesthetics and Beauty

There’s no escaping it, the global outbreak of Covid-19 has had an incredible effect on all areas of society, with this major public health crisis forcing us to change the way we live and work at every level. Whilst strict safety measures have been necessary on the journey to bringing coronavirus under control, it’s hard to deny the very real impact these restrictions have had on both the aesthetics and beauty industries. 

Yet, the question we must ask ourselves is: in a post-lockdown world, how will our approach to aesthetics and beauty change? Following careful observation of how these businesses have evolved to survive in the last few months, and how consumer behaviour continues to fluctuate, we’ve been able to outline the following considerations. 

The future is digital 

The businesses that failed to establish an online presence before the arrival of Covid-19 will have been left with no choice but to try and embed themselves into the digital landscape during lockdown. With beauty salons, aesthetic clinics and all other associated businesses forced to close due to lockdown, it’s those who have adapted to life online under social distancing that have been best able to survive the drought.

During this period, clinics and business owners have found success in the delivery of online skincare tutorials and consultations via Zoom and other virtual meeting platforms. Social media has proven an invaluable tool to maintain communication with clients in a contactless way and keep customers up to date on both the latest Covid-19 developments and how these have affected their businesses. Several beauty and aesthetics brands have even offered online deliveries of products for the very first time, making use of social media channels to publicise this new way of working. 

All things considered, these recent trends could be indicative of a much more digital-focused future, particularly when it comes to aesthetics businesses. With Zoom consultations becoming so popular and the need for social distancing and improved hygiene protocols in clinics post-COVID, patients are likely to still undergo initial assessments from the comfort of their own homes. Online sales and marketing techniques could also open businesses up to greater opportunities in terms of gaining international clientele, a potentially lucrative new revenue stream. 

A new “normal”

The days of large treatment menus, completing admin tasks in person and being asked to sit in waiting rooms could also be over when clinics and salons once again open their doors. Instead, those who provide aesthetic, beauty and wellness treatments may need to focus on a smaller offering of treatments and limit the number of people they see every day. Post-lockdown, there will still be a real emphasis on social distancing, a new “normal” way of living that will call for adjustments to how we conduct ‘face to face’ contact-oriented business. 

In addition, along with remote consultations it could be that admin tasks will also be carried out in a similar vein, with all paperwork and consent forms being completed online rather than in person. Of course, those treatments that necessitate close contact with practitioners – fillers, for example – are likely to be conducted with both practitioner and patient covered in appropriate PPE. Some businesses may even choose to operate a strict one-in, one-out process to reduce unnecessary social contact. 

With the world now fully alert to the dangers of poor sanitary practices, it’s also virtually guaranteed that each and every aesthetics and beauty business with a physical premises will enhance their cleaning protocols, a practice that will also go some way to limiting the number of people that can pass through their doors each day. 

Changing priorities 

As yet, it’s unclear as to how much Covid-19 will have changed consumers’ priorities when it comes to aesthetics and beauty. There are some who argue that the rise of Zoom has allowed people to scrutinise their appearance more closely, which could possibly lead to a surge of interest in certain treatments and tweakments. Indeed, as those who regularly invest their money in these sorts of procedures are quite often in possession of a high disposable income, it could be argued that very little will change here. 

Yet, there are some statistics that support a completely opposing argument, with many enjoying the freedom that Zoom has given them in not needing to make themselves look “presentable” for meetings and a reported 82{e442a131e25ab01b06f1090e505c3450b206776ca13ce7bbc157d81da6f3d916} of people choosing to reduce the amount of makeup that they wear on a daily basis. This could be a suggestive of a decline in the revenue of makeup brands in the future, a potential occurrence supported by the idea that customers have been much more keen to invest their time and money in other skincare, self-care and hygiene products such as soaps, serums and bath oils throughout the Covid-19 crisis. 

Kendrick PR

Whatever the future holds, it’s clear that the worlds of aesthetics and beauty will start to look very different over the next twelve months. At Kendrick PR, we’re passionate about both of these industries and have taken pride in helping all our clients navigate a strange and challenging period of time. To find out more about what we do, or to make an enquiry, visit our website today.

April 20, 2020

Kendrick PR Announces FREE PR & Marketing Support for COVID-19

Bespoke Online Resources Available from the E.L.I.T.E. Reputation Programme

The global COVID-19 pandemic has thrown many clinics into difficulty and uncertainty – however, it also presents a unique opportunity for aesthetic practitioners to work ON their business, instead of always working IN them. Today, award-winning communications expert Julia Kendrick announced free access to two modules from the E.L.I.T.E Reputation online training programme – Successful Issues Management and How to Create & Use Videos. Both are particularly relevant to businesses at this challenging time and contain a wealth of useful materials to help you create and manage content to keep your business visible.

The E.L.I.T.E. program is a breakthrough, first of its kind online training programme designed specifically for beauty and  aesthetic practitioners who want a straightforward, jargon-free approach to business strategy, PR and marketing. There is no commitment to purchase the full programme in claiming your free modules, these are being provided solely and without obligation.

How to Access the Offer

Practitioners wishing to take up this offer simply need to click on the E.L.I.T.E. webpage (, click PURCHASE and input their details along with the voucher code COVID to set up their profile with the two free modules included. No payment details will be required.

What is the E.L.I.T.E. Reputation Programme?

Comprised of 24 online modules, the E.L.I.T.E. Programme can be tailor-made to suit practitioner’s individual needs, time and budget. From developing your clinic USPs, to mastering newsletters, blogs, press releases and media – practitioners can set the pace to develop their own PR and marketing capabilities through a host of training videos, powerpoint decks, homework exercises and downloadable templates.

About Julia Kendrick

An award-winning business strategy and communications expert with over 16 years’ experience, Julia Kendrick is a recognised industry author, speaker and trainer who specialises in the cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine sectors. Julia has a unique perspective on what it takes to launch, grow and sustain a successful brand reputation in medical aesthetics, and has secured in-depth insights into the challenges and opportunities for brand development within this dynamic but challenging market.

For further information please contact

March 27, 2020

Coming Together Through Covid-19: How Brands Have Used The Crisis For Good

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate the news, many of us have been forced into a new way of living. With remote working now advised and social distancing the current order of the day, we’ve all had to adjust to new ways of doing things, ensuring that we keep safe and well during this unprecedented situation.

It’s an anxious time for us all, not just for businesses, but for people too. And, as we all sit a few steps away from the prospect of a total lockdown, it’s natural to be asking questions such as “how long will it be before this all subsides?” and “what will the world look like when it does?” 

So, with the news largely lacking in positivity, it’s quite useful to read about how some people have used this public health crisis for good. A heartwarming selection of large brands and famous faces have really shown their generosity and kindness during this pandemic, so read on and discover how, even in the darkest of times, we can all cling to hope, optimism and the unfailing strength of the human spirit.

Support for the NHS

The NHS is at the forefront of the ongoing battle with coronavirus, with the numbers of those diagnosed with the illness continuing to escalate on a daily basis. With many of us privileged enough to be able to work from home, we can only imagine what those who work in hospitals and medical facilities around the country, and the world for that matter, must be going through. 

To show their appreciation, numerous supermarkets have held special time slots in which these people can complete their food shopping and the producers of Holby City have announced that they will be sending supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) to the NHS directly from their currently dormant sets. Other food businesses, such as Pret a Manger and Nando’s have further helped the cause by offering free food and drink and discounts to these hardworking staff and ex-footballer Gary Neville has temporarily turned two of his hotels into exclusive places of occupation for NHS employees. 

Hand sanitiser from unlikely sources

Panic buying notwithstanding, the urgency of the coronavirus pandemic was always going to lead to waning supplies of products such as hand sanitiser. To help address the shortage, LMWH – the owner of Louis Vuitton, Dior and other high fashion brands – announced that they would be using their perfume factories to produce much-needed supplies of disinfectant hand gel instead. It has also pledged to give this away for free to French hospitals and healthcare facilities. 

One of our own Kendrick PR skincare clients – Medik8 – are turning over their skincare production to the creation of hand sanitiser gel from the WHO recipe, so philanthropy and brand values in action.

Helping those in need

With supermarkets besieged by stockpilers before the more recent announcements of stricter social distancing, those in need now face an even more uphill battle to get their hands on the essentials. Most supermarket brands have begun to hold special hours at specific times of the day to ensure that the more vulnerable members of society are able to shop in safety and in comfort. Marks and Spencers is one such example of this, and many supermarket delivery services are now prioritising orders put in by those who are more at risk.

Famous donors 

Some of the biggest names in fashion have donated large sums of money to hospitals as a way of helping to fund the battle against coronavirus. Among these high-profile donors are Donatella and Allegra Versace, who gave £183,000 to a hospital in Milan and Giorgio Armani, who has sent over $1 billion to medical facilities in Milan and Rome as Italy strives to get to grips with the outbreak in its country.

If the shoe fits

American shoe brand KEEN pledged their support to the coronavirus cause by setting up a footwear donation programme on its website. Designed to help those working on the frontline of the pandemic and the families affected by it, the company has stated that it will send 100,000 free pairs of shoes to people over the course of this crisis. Participants can nominate recipients by visiting the brand’s website.

What we are doing 

At Kendrick PR we’re beyond saddened to see the impact that COVID-19 is having not just on society, but on our industry, colleagues and clients. Beauty is a significant part of the UK economy, supporting 590k jobs and contributing £28.4 billion to UK GDP in 2018*. In times like these, it’s unclear how all industries will fare, and no matter how small the measure, we want to support not only the clinics and experts we work with daily, but those of you that need help or guidance in navigating this new landscape.

We are therefore opening up access to the Issues Management How-To module from our ELITE reputation programme FOR FREE. If you’d like some additional advice on practical issues management and communications protocols during this time, please get in touch with for access.

One size doesn’t always fit all, so if you would prefer, we are offering x3 FREE 30-minute consultancy sessions with founder Julia Kendrick each day. If you’re a brand, a clinic or small business who needs a little personalised or strategic comms advice around this time – no matter how small – we’d love for you to get in touch. Let’s all help each other and keep our industry thriving! ?????? 

Stay safe

With advice around coronavirus and what we can all do to halt its spread changing on a daily basis, make sure you take steps to follow this guidance as completely as you can. Let’s take each day as it comes and do what we can to contribute to beating this pandemic. Stay positive. Stay safe!