Rosacea Myth Busting With NEOSTRATA | Pr Services Marylebone
June 21, 2019

Rosacea Myth Busting With NEOSTRATA

Did you know that KendrickPR don’t just offer pr services Marlyebone based…

Did you know Rosacea affects one in ten people? Top Rosacea Myths Rosacea is a common skin vascular inflammatory condition. This skin condition often involves sufferers to experience intense flushing, redness and sore, bumpy skin. To make matters worse people are often misdiagnosed or use treatments which worsen symptoms. With something so common do we actually know how to treat this?

Yes – Enter NeoStrata. Highly commended for their expertise in skincare, NeoStrata welcomes these skin -loving favourites which work to extinguish the fiery flush!

Top Rosacea Myths:

MYTH 1: Rosacea is the same thing as acne.

Rosacea often causes pus-filled bumps which show up on the central part of the face, which can be mistaken for acne. Early detection is important because acne is treated differently to rosacea.

MYTH 2: Rosacea is most commonly diagnosed in people with fair skin

Nope! Rosacea can affect any skin type, any skin tone and any age!

MYTH 3: Rosacea won’t worsen if left untreated

WRONG AGAIN: as soon as you think you have rosacea, head to the docs! Rosacea can become increasingly severe, uncomfortable and harder to treat the longer the symptoms are left untreated