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March 10, 2020

Male Beauty in 2020: Makeup, Skincare and Tweakments

The value of the aesthetics and beauty industries are well-documented, with high growth and revenue opportunities building year on year. Traditionally, these industries have been targeted towards women, but in the last 5-10 years in particular, the male market share has been on the increase – emerging out of the restrictive categories of shaving and hair/beard grooming in to fully fledged skincare, makeup and cosmetic treatment categories which are now prominent players in 2020 for brands and clinics alike to incorporate into their marketing strategies.

Keeping up appearances

Thanks to the rise of social media and reality TV, we’re constantly inundated with images of “perfection” and it’s no small coincidence that male interest in beauty products and aesthetic treatments has also grown in popularity. The male skincare market is quickly moving towards becoming a billion-pound industry,  and with its assorted lotions and potions firmly ingrained into the daily grooming routines of every appearance-conscious man, this is something that’s hardly surprising. Over time, male makeup, including concealer and bronzer, has also begun to assume more importance in the upkeep of male beauty. This much is clear from even the most cursory of looks through the red carpets of award seasons. These days, masculinity, it seems, is no longer defined by rugged good looks but by taking the time to look preened and proper.

Within the age of the so-called InstaMAN, and the image of the chiselled masculine ideal routinely perpetuated by social media, an emerging male focus on appearance and body image is clear to see. And whilst this may be a trend best exemplified by the well-groomed contestants who wash up on Love Island, this hasn’t stopped more high-profile personalities getting in on the act. It’s recently been reported that Prince Harry has indulged in an expensive form of hair-thickening treatment in an attempt to bring his hereditary baldness under control – a royal seal of approval that, a decade ago, would have been unthinkable.

The rise of the male tweakment

With such emphasis on maintaining skin health and looking good, it follows that an increasing number of men are entering into the world of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures. The male tweakment is something that men of all ages are beginning to consider, with nearly 50{e442a131e25ab01b06f1090e505c3450b206776ca13ce7bbc157d81da6f3d916} of men aged 18-30 stating that they would be happy to undergo these treatments. Of those who have booked themselves in for a procedure, the most popular forms of tweakment appear to focus on those that strengthen the anatomical facial profile, reshaping certain parts of the face and revitalising the skin.

With fillers, fat-freezing and facials being the order of the day, it’s easy to see that men suffer from the same insecurities as women. Wrinkles, disproportional features, blemishes and other age-related concerns affect everyone – so an increasing number of men are taking full advantage of all the corrective and age-combatting procedures at their disposal.

Proceed with caution

With a whole new market now open to the possibility of undergoing aesthetic treatments, it is the role of the practitioner to ensure that these forms of appearance-altering intervention are carried out properly. In a less positive way, social media and reality TV have left some consumers vulnerable to pursuing unattainable levels of transformation, so it’s always advisable for practitioners to manage the expectations of their clients, whether male or female, and prioritise their mental health and wellbeing over everything else.

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