The Importance of Seasonal Marketing for Your Aesthetics Business - Kendrick PR
April 6, 2017

The Importance of Seasonal Marketing for Your Aesthetics Business

Balancing originality and affordability when coming up with marketing campaigns can be very challenging. Though you can really save from recycling promotions and marketing strategies, customers might get fed up with a repetitive marketing approach and may get bored and want something new.
Having the same marketing approach all the time, can bore your customers, who are looking for something relevant to their needs, lifestyle, current situations and ‘what’s in.’ You have to put yourself in their shoes. As an aesthetic business with lots of competitors, how do you come up with a creative and cost-effective marketing strategy?
Be aware of the seasonal trends.
Your marketing success depends on how well you know your market, as well as the trends. Once you’ve identified them, start linking them to your marketing strategies. Bear in mind that knowing the social trends means taking into consideration all the events that regularly take place every year.
Knowing the seasonal trends also means being aware of the peak and off-peak seasons. Timing is everything, so if you know when your peak season is, you should be crafting your promotional strategy plan several months ahead and implementing them at least two to three months before the actual peak season. That should give you ample time to catch your target consumers’ attention and kick-off your promotional strategy.
Take advantage of the Holidays
Customers are more susceptible to promotions and events during holidays so these are the times when you should really be exerting more effort – not just in capturing the attention of your loyal customers, but also of the new ones. Don’t forget to build the level of excitement. Just as people become excited at an upcoming event – like a holiday or a party, make them excited about your business! Why not do a series of teasers with countdowns in them? That should leave your customers curious and therefore more interested to know what you’re up to.
Adapt your Strategies to your Analysis
Simply being aware of the trends is not enough. You don’t only need to find out what works. As an aesthetic business amongst many competitors, you should know when it works and to whom it works best, and how it affects your budget and profits. In short, do more analysis. Don’t just communicate with your customers. Engage them in conversations. Your inside analytics on their behavior should help you come up with your best seasonal marketing.
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