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August 27, 2019

How To Tailor Your Marketing To Your Demographic

Demographic Targeting

The Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery industries are ever-evolving, which is why keeping your marketing refreshed and authentic is crucial for maintaining engagement. Plastic surgery can often be affected by a negative stereotype, defined by the concept of over-enhanced and exaggerated features. Now, after years of research and improved skills, the industry now primarily is able to offer more natural surgical enhancements alongside subtle non-surgical treatments – however consumer attitudes and awareness take time to change and need a consistent flow of information and positioning.


Who Are Your Target Audience?

According to the key professional bodies in our industry – BAAPS and ASAPS – the number of people seeking cosmetic treatment has soared in recent years, and women still remain the largest target market for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical solutions. However the male marketing is a growing sector and therefore you should avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to your own PR and marketing – as over focusing on just one demographic group can mean that you reduce the chances of securing business from other areas as well. Tailoring your marketing campaigns requires an understanding of your current and desired demographic profile – factoring in things like age, sex, socio-economic status, disposable income and similar brands or services which may resonate with your target market. With this in mind, you should brainstorm how your business can target and accommodate the needs and desires of the specific demographic you wish to target, and ensure that the content for your marketing campaign is aligned – using the right imagery, tone, wording, co-branding and positioning to resonate clearly.


How To Align Your Marketing To Your Target Market

Consider the potential treatments of interest or the key area of focus for your target demographic: more mature patients may tend to gravitate towards an anti-ageing approach, focusing on more advanced technologies such as Thermage or ultrasound therapies to address the impacts of ageing, sagging skin and loss of structure. Conversely, younger patients may be more interested in a skincare-led or injectables only approach: with the impact of celebrities and social-media influencers which can steer the younger market towards treatments such as lip fillers, nose reshaping, eyebrow lifts, and other procedures designed more for enhancement or correction – beautification –  as opposed to restoration. This is why it’s so important to have your PR and marketing campaign switched on, ready to rank on search engines for certain key treatments and procedures based on your tailored offerings to the target demographic. 

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