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January 11, 2021

Cream Skin – The Latest Korean Beauty Trend You Need to Know About

Korean Beauty Cream Skin Trend Kendrick PR

An effortless solution to achieving that much coveted, dewy glow and radiant complexion…

The Cream skin trend calls for a complexion that reflects a creamy glow whilst improving skin health and texture. The best thing about this trend? It’s completely streamlined and only needs a simple three-step regime of a cleanser, SPF and moisturiser . Get ready to ditch the multi-step and welcome your three-step programme from the most innovative brands of 2021:

Precious Foaming Oil – 150ml | £21
Super plump and juicy skin is just a wash away with
SkinLabo’s cleansing oil. This cleaver cleanser uses
high-performing active ingredients to provide a
gentle, yet hard-working deep cleanse for the face.
Thoroughly removing even the most resistant
makeup, excess sebum and impurities, this clever
cleanser is rich in natural, skin-loving oils leaving the
skin clean, soft and supple.

P-Effect Refining Lotion, 150ml | £78
This high-tech Japanese lotion is an essence
dissolved in ionised ‘live’ water and doubles up as a
serum. The patented, unique complex of low
molecular ingredients ensures deep and long-lasting
hydration whilst improving skin’s immunity and
regeneration at cellular level. This helps to correct
redness, irritation and even prolongs the effects of
aesthetic treatments and at-home skincare devices.

Daily Radiance Vitamin C, 50ml | £55
An all-in-one moisturiser and sunscreen that serves as the
perfect introduction to vitamin C. Daily Radiance Vitamin
C combines powerful antioxidant protection with highstrength
broad spectrum SPF 30. The multifunctioning
cream restores radiance and deeply hydrates skin,
leaving a brighter, smoother, more youthful-looking

Optimum skin health doesn’t just rely on effective skincare. Nutrition plays a huge part in transforming lacklustre skin from the inside
out. Kurami is the premium food delivery service built on the foundation of nourishing the skin and body. The brand’s deliciously
decadent, nutritionist-built, menu consists of modern and ancient superfoods in tasty combinations for a luxurious food experience.

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