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October 21, 2019

Ethical Aesthetics: How to Build a Successful Brand in 2019

The role of PR and Marketing has never been more important in the world of aesthetics. In a highly-competitive, ever-expanding market, your outreach to potential customers through the gamut of modern channels at your disposal (think websites, social media, print or broadcast media) can foster loyalty, visibility and trust much more quickly than ever before, driving competition and sparking engagement in a contemporary form of brand building.

Prospective clients are more clued-up and knowledgeable than they have been in the past, demonstrating a particular savvy towards the aesthetics industry. These days, with information on tap and celebrity endorsements and online reviews sacred reading for those considering aesthetic treatments, consumers are increasingly educated, discerning and aware.

Ethics vs. Aesthetics

In modern times, famous people are increasingly positioned as the thought leaders of our age, often dictating and influencing aesthetic trends. With nothing more than a filtered social media selfie, these twenty-first-century influencers can encourage their devotees to try out the latest cure-all aesthetic procedure, bringing heightened demand to aesthetic professionals in the form of social media disciples with designs on becoming the next Kim Kardashian.

Whilst market growth must always be viewed within a positive light, the rise of the Insta-celebrity and the sway they hold over their followers has put aesthetic specialists in a tight spot, posing the loaded question: how can our industry maintain an ethical approach to cosmetic intervention in the age of Instagram?

Frivolous, celebrity-driven fads have helped to take non-medical forms of aesthetic treatment to the mainstream, and it can be hard not to get sucked into the unscrupulous marketing campaigns that seem wholly designed to cash in on the often poor self-image of the social media generation. Body dysmorphia, anxiety and depression are all mental health conditions affecting younger people on a widespread level, and it can be difficult to police the battle between ethics and aesthetics when trying to remain socially-conscious and profitable. It’s a task made even trickier when taking into account one of the nuances of aesthetics: what’s initially sensational can quickly become commonplace.

The importance of remaining ethical

Tempting though it may be to capitalise on a swell of public interest for a certain treatment or trend, basing your PR and Marketing activities on the movements of the “selfie” generation can come across as tacky at best, and potentially unethical at worst. Aesthetic practitioners, dealing as they do in potentially life-altering practices, have a duty to remain responsible to the mental health and wellbeing of their clients and should take on the role of proud educators in an increasingly quick-fix culture.

Helping prospective patients to separate the “new and interesting” from the bizarre and irresponsible is no easy task, but by incorporating such common-sense educational messages into your marketing efforts, you will be better equipped to manage patient expectations and build a happy, healthy client base able to place trust in your brand, engendering repeat custom and higher satisfaction levels in the process.
Stand out from the crowd

By and large, those operating within the aesthetics sector prize ethical practice above everything else. This means that, even though interest in aesthetics is growing, the market remains highly competitive. To stand out from the crowd, you will need to create a strong Unique Selling Point (USP). Think about the services you offer that set you apart from your competition and be sure to stress your main values within every marketing message. Instead of highlighting treatments alone, focus on what makes you unique, and shine a spotlight on your team and clinic – your ethos and values. This will help differentiate you from those working within the same industry.

Integrity can be demonstrated by showcasing the seriousness with which you take every appointment. Offering cooling-off periods and carefully turning patients away who seem unsuitable for treatments can give an added element of trust, as can using social media to educate, rather than hard-sell. Showcase your values and be sure to stress the thorough nature of your consultation process – the more informative and personal the better. Prospective patients will then buy into you as a brand, rather than a means to an end.

As we’ve seen from selfie-heavy celebrity culture, visuals and videos can occupy pride of place in your marketing efforts, and it can be easy to turn satisfied patients into brand ambassadors. Curate your own patient success stories on your social media platforms, using their own words and pre and post-procedure images to stress the magnitude of the transformations that take place. Word-of-mouth has existed as an indispensable marketing technique since year dot, and social media has only amplified its effectiveness.

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