January 25, 2019

Encouraging Engagement

In my previous blog, we spoke about how to get the most out of online interactions with your clients. However, sometimes this is easier said than done. For some businesses, securing any kind of engagement on their social media channels can be a struggle. If it seems as though nobody is listening to what you’re trying to say, take a look below to refresh yourself on the basics of engagement and how to get that quality interaction with your customers!

What is Engagement and How Do I Measure It?

Engagement is, simply put, the way your customers interact with the content on your social media channels or website. Every like, comment, enquiry, or share is classed as engagement. Engagement is important for both businesses and their customers, as it provides a platform via which brands can interact with their audiences and both sides can feel heard. Ultimately – it’s building a relationship! Most social media channels will provide analytics by which you can measure engagement, but it is important to remember that these statistics alone won’t give you a full idea of how successful your content is at encouraging customer engagement. What must also be considered is where your reach and profile visits stand. By looking at these analytics, you can gauge how successfully your content is encouraging engagement against how many people have seen the content on their dashboards.

My Top Tip for Encouraging Engagement

If you’re struggling to foster engagement on your social media channels, you aren’t alone. Particularly in the aesthetics industry, the internet is full to the brim of companies who are jostling for attention of the same audiences, and this will always be a challenge for marketing success. However, there is one simple trick that will prime your content to ensure you’re boosting your engagement metrics for the future.

Knowing your target audience inside and out is especially critical in marketing. Simply put, you cannot appeal to everybody, so tailoring your content to suit a particular niche you are aiming for has a far higher success rate than more general content that can easily be hidden and ignored. Having a clear cut idea of your target audience – their age, demographic profile, disposable income, values, likes and dislikes – all this is vital information to use to create a tailored marketing strategy that appeals directly to them. Have you ever read something and thought “Wow – it’s like they are talking to me!” – remember how connected you felt with that brand? Didn’t it make you more likely to go back to them time and again? This is what we are aiming for with engagement – once you tap into this approach, you will soon see your engagement metrics rise.

For more information or advice on encouraging engagement in your marketing strategy, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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