January 18, 2019

My Top Tips for Responding to Social Media Comments

The dawn of social media has provided businesses with unprecedented open access interaction with their customers, but this can be a double-edged sword. Social media provides an opportunity to communicate your skills and products in a simple, accessible way, but at the same time your clients or patients have a golden opportunity to voice their own opinions, whether that be singing your praises or critiquing you or your business.

It can be difficult to know the best way to handle negative comments when they occur over an online platform, but the truth is that the worst thing that you can do is ignore them. If somebody is reaching out to you with a complaint or challenging position, no matter on which channels, it is down to you to listen and respond. Luckily, I’m here to share with you my top tips for having a social media response strategy in place.

Top Tip 1: Never Ignore a Negative Comment, or Take too Long to Respond

You may think that ignoring negative or abusive social media comments may be the best way to handle things whilst preserving your brand reputation, but this can actually be one of the most damaging things you could do. By failing to take the time to respond to all comments- good or bad- you’re sending the message to your followers that you care very little about their concerns and queries. In aesthetics, this can be especially damaging, as the entire reputation of your business should be based on trust and transparency between patient and practitioner. Dedicating time each day to respond to all comments can be the key to preserving your reputation in the face of online negativity.

Top Tip 2: Formulate a Strategy

Of course, having a timely system of responding to online comments is ultimately useless if you don’t have an effective strategy for handling compliments and complaints. You should never be replying off the cuff, but ensure you’re following established processes that will maximise the potential of each interaction whilst maintaining the integrity of your brand. You should always acknowledge the complaint or comment, and be clear about what you are doing to respond – whether this is seeking further information, reviewing your processes or providing information about your values, standards or ethos – and in what timeframe this will occur. Often, simply providing this response is enough to stem the damage from a negative comment, preventing it from snowballing further. Having a strategy in place allows for faster, more meaningful responses.

Top Tip 3: Make it Personal

Whilst having templates and set procedures are fantastic for maintaining a strategy and a speedy response time, you must avoid making the client feel undervalued by delivering obviously canned responses. Make sure you’re tailoring each of your interactions using all the information to hand, as this will help demonstrate that you care about what they have to say.

Although there are many other ways to maximise the potential of your social media channels, following my top tips should help you figure out what works best for you and your business. For more information, please do get in touch!

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