October 30, 2018

Wellness & Aesthetics – A Match Made in Heaven?

It’s official – the health and nutrition market is booming, with up to three quarters of all adults here in Europe and across the pond stating that maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle is of the utmost priority. It can seem that there is a barrage of conflicting advice from a plethora of “experts” online, but in general the public are increasingly informed about new wellness trends, and the pros and cons of the latest new diets, supplements and super-ingredients. This wellness ‘movement’ has also swept into the aesthetics industry, with more clinicians focusing on a holistic approach to health and beauty – transforming from the inside out – but how exactly do nutrition and aesthetics go hand in hand?

Why Nutrition is Important in Aesthetics

The ultimate goal of a high-quality, nutritious diet is to maximise the function and health of your internal systems, which in turn is reflected in how you look. The ethos that the skin is a ‘reflection’ of what you put into (and onto) your body is well-founded in science, and is a sentiment shared by many aesthetic practitioners. Healthy skin is the critical foundation for the success of any aesthetic treatments – as it will improve the initial results, and aid both the effects and longevity of the treatment. From a patient perspective, this generates huge satisfaction and positive relationships with the practitioner, as well as a sense of ‘money well spent’. In addition, improved skin health can contribute towards a smoother, faster healing process, minimising the potential risk of complications and side effects post-procedure.

Nutrition In-Clinic

Many responsible clinics already advise patients on the importance of following a balanced nutrition plan – however some are taking this a step further by combining traditional treatment offerings with additional health, wellbeing and nutritional services. From quick-fix treatments like vitamin drips, to hormone balancing to treat deeper issues, or even adding an in-house nutritionist to the team – more and more aesthetics clinics are expanding their offerings. For example, two in-clinic health and nutrition brands I have looked into for work and personal purposes are ALLÉL and ProLon.

ALLÉL is a DNA-based skincare brand that combines bespoke skincare with nutrition, to deliver outstanding results. ALLÉL delivers an advanced skincare regime, based on conclusions drawn from comprehensive DNA testing and an expert visual skin analysis. Each unique plan is tailored to individual DNA-based ageing drivers, providing a highly potent dietary and vitamin supplements from ALLÉL’s Nutrition range to be used alongside skincare products, perfectly fusing the concept of aesthetic skin care with inner wellbeing.

Whilst ALLÉL’s range consists of vitamins and nutrients to be used to supplement existing diets, ProLon is a more tailored towards patients in need of a dietary ‘reset’. Based on extensive clinical studies, ProLon taps into the proven benefits of intermittent fasting. The 5-day ProLon food package mimics the health benefits of water-only fasting in the body, and includes plant-based energy bars, soups, a variety of snacks, drinks, and supplements. ProLon helps reboot and kickstart your body’s natural systems, meaning after following the strict plan for five days, you can resume your normal dietary habits for the remaining 25 days of the month, whilst still enjoying the benefits of fasting. I personally tried ProLon for the health benefits rather than for weight loss – and whilst i did lose a few pounds, I definitely felt the benefit of breaking some of those dietary habits and resetting my system. I was also surprised at home manageable i found the programme – I didn’t feel starving throughout and was in fact keen to extend to 7 days!

It is important to remember that personal nutrition plans are unique to every individual, and what works for one may not work well for another. Weight, lifestyle, overall health and fitness goals all have an impact on what the body needs to keep it fed, fit and healthy. For this reason, it is worth highlighting that any services you offer in-clinic are suitably delivered by experts, or are delivered following a consultation with a qualified professional.

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