July 24, 2017

Increasing Your Brand Awareness

Standing out amongst competitors has never been more difficult within a saturated and competitive market like Aesthetics, especially if you’re constricted by a low budget. Awareness of your brand can mean the difference between business success and failure, so it is important to implement a strategy to propel you to the front of the pack, making your brand the one on everybody’s lips.

This doesn’t have to cost a fortune either! Below are some quick tips and ideas from Julia Kendrick to get you started:

Social Media

First and foremost, making yourself known on social media is a no-brainer. If you’re not already online then you’re far behind the competition, as we live in a society where anything and everything is based online. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Youtube – the list goes on. Be active and be engaging, this is your chance to engage directly with your audience. “If it’s not on social, it didn’t happen!”

PR & Content Marketing

Another obvious tool, launching a PR campaign can gain you credible press coverage and consumer attention, while content marketing can draw in multiple benefits, including increased leads, organic search traffic and paving the way for you to become a KOL. Although content marketing isn’t necessarily a new prospect, so many business are still yet to take advantage of this fantastic tool. Don’t be one of them!


Whilst online engagement is great, you need to put yourself out there and engage with your audience face-to-face. Perhaps you could hold an event or competition to tie in with a new product or service launch? Maybe share your expertise through an exclusive workshop? ANTHING! The possibilities are endless and all of these gain you valuable attention and face-time with your potential clients.


Sponsorship or partnership is a popular tool that can allow you to reach your target audience, by tapping into your partner’s contacts and audiences. Whatever you decide, ensure that your choice is relevant to your customers otherwise you open yourself up to potential PR disasters.

You could join forces with a business similar to yours which shares a target audience but doesn’t run the risk of direct competition. A simple example would be a Hairdresser and a Beauty Salon teaming up to offer exclusive discounts and promotions, attracting new customers and rewarding existing ones with mutual benefit.

Use your imagination!

It’s really about using your imagination and coming up with something new and effective to pull focus towards your business. If you’re clever about it, you can achieve your goals and increase brand awareness without blowing a huge budget on elaborate campaigns. Know your brand, know your vision, and the rest will follow!

For more information or to find out how Kendrick PR can help you to increase your brand awareness, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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