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July 24, 2019


Kendrick PR – House of Coco

Thereís an immense amount of pressure around becoming an entrepreneur, especially at a young age. Some Ďthought leadersí, like Gary Vee believe that – if you enjoy working within a company, you clearly arenít a born entrepreneur. Julia Kendrick, founder of Kendrick PR, sees it differently based on her fascinating and engaging career from employee to successful business owner.

Hi Julia, can you give us the elevator pitch? In a nutshell, Kendrick PR is a boutique, bespoke public relations and marketing consultancy; specifically focused on the medical aesthetic, cosmetic surgery and high-end beauty and skincare industries.†

My passion has always been in bringing to life the science behind a product; why itís new and why it works Ė this is from my background in health PR. Iím passionate about bringing the educational part of the industry out and only working with brands that meet my rather exceptionally high standards. Iím not into fluff or snake oil!

When did you start running your business, was it always a dream of yours?

Not at all! Iím a typical Taurian; Iím risk averse and never set out to be an entrepreneur – it just worked out this way. I switched from PR agencies to in-house and was happy Ė but a change in circumstances saw me jump into freelance life in 2015, from which I built up Kendrick PR.

I think thereís sometimes an expectation that wanting to be an entrepreneur from the start (or an early age) is the norm, that you are missing out if you donít have this innate drive to conquer the world. I think thereís a lot of pressure around age as well, you see teenagers making crazy money on Instagram and YouTube and can feel that youíve totally missed the boat to carve out your own business or niche offering.

Being an entrepreneur can come at a later stage in your career and from a direction you donít expect. This was how it was for me; completely out of left field and terrifying when it first happened! Itís important for people to realise that itís possible that later on in your life, change can come. It can be a hugely positive and inspirational thing.

How do you balance your business / family?

Itís challenging for sure and we often put this pressure on ourselves to be women who Ďhave it allí; I think thatís very toxic and damaging. I have managed over the past four years because Iíve had support from so many women. In a business sense, Iíve had support from other female entrepreneurs who have guided me, lifted me up and connected me to a nurturing and empowering environment. Itís incredible how ready Iíve found women are to support others.†

As women, we too often put ourselves last but the thing is, if we pack in and the wheels fall off; everyone around us loses out too. Just simple things like having a personal trainer come to my house super early, twice per week, means I can have something for myself without compromising on work or family time. We need to give ourselves permission to make those changes.

Finally, what advice, if any, would you have for you 10 years ago?

I wouldnít be where I am or who I am today without unexpected change coming in Ė and I would tell myself that I shouldnít see change as negative or disruptive, but as something which can break up the status quo and allow something even better to come to fruition.†

I tend to crave consistency and safety, but you grow best through adversity and challenging yourself. You find out more about yourself and what you are capable of. I donít mean that something terrible has to happen but that the more interesting things in your life, and your ability to grow and develop, will only come when youíre not in your comfort zone. Thatís where you achieve those things that you never even thought that you could, and think ooh, Iíve only gone and done it!

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