August 17, 2018

How To Be A Confident Speaker

As a seasoned aesthetic industry speaker, I often get asked my secrets for delivering engaging, focused presentations and battling nerves when it comes to public speaking. Whether leading a workshop, presenting at congress, or simply holding a meeting with your colleagues in-clinic, learning how to be a confident speaker is a key skill that can help elevate your position in your field and maximise your positive reputation. Luckily, I’m here to share my top tips with you!

Channel Your nerves

Whilst a lucky few of us might feel totally comfortable with an audience, for most of us this can be a much tougher challenge. It’s important to remember that even the most seasoned speakers may still experience stage fright! Rather than trying to eradicate any jitters you might feel totally, it is far simpler, and more useful, to practise channelling your nerves in an appropriate manner. Work out what’s worrying you and maximise your prep to tackle these issues ahead of time – this might be slides failing, forgetting your flow, even fidgeting posture! Try converting any nervous feelings into energy for your presentation- you may find this has a positive impact, helping you deliver a more impactful, engaging speech!

2. Be Organised

Some of the best speakers may make it seem like most of their words are off-the-cuff, but more often than not, this is not the case. The majority of speeches are carefully crafted, and to make the most impact, you need to be prepared. Put all thoughts of spur-of-the-moment speaking out of your head, and get to work writing, preparing, and refining exactly what you want to say. Then, later, work on your delivery until you can recite it in a natural, interesting way.

3. Stick to the Point

One way to ensure your speech “goes south” is to try and cram too much information into a small time. Not only is it confusing for your audience, but a tell-tale sign of nervousness and insecurity. Reread every point you’re making, and decide why you want to say it. If you’re not sure, it’s best to leave it on the cutting room floor! What three key things do you want your audience to remember as they leave the room? Stick to those clear messages, repeat them regularly and link back every point you make to the overall idea you want your audience to take away.

4. Fake it Until You Make it!

Even if you’re not feeling comfortable in your speaking role, it’s important to act like you’re having the time of your life. Your audience won’t know how nervous you are unless you show them, so smile, make eye contact, and take deep breaths. Watch out for fidgety fingers or bouncing and pacing around – plant your feet confidently and try to keep still. You’ll probably find that the simple act of pretending to be confident is enough to instigate the real thing!

5. Make the Most of Your Support Network

Always remember your friends and family are there to help! If you could use the extra reassurance, why not let them watch you speak prior to the big day? Not only will this provide valuable experience in speaking in front of others, but having a second opinion to give feedback, both positive and negative, can be crucial when it comes to refining your material. If something just isn’t working, they’ll be able to tell you, helping you to ensure you’re as prepared as possible for when the time comes to give your speech for real!

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