New Year, New You? How To Leverage Self-Reinvention
December 10, 2019

New Year, New You? How To Leverage Self-Reinvention

Regardless of the year in question, whenever January 1st rolls around there’s a surge in people wanting to start afresh, to reinvent themselves, make significant lifestyle changes or experiment with something completely new.

The rise of social media and the heightened interactivity of our sharing, switched-on culture, has made it easier for those looking to make a change to broadcast their progress and influencer friends and family in an authentic way. It goes without saying that the start of 2020 will be no different, with many people pledging to stick to those all-important New Year’s resolutions and strive to enact a significant change in their attitude or appearance.

But, how do we as health, aesthetic and beauty experts, make the most of this trend? And how can we ensure that the communications remain balanced, non-time limiting and rooted in genuine patient care? I’ve put together my top three tips for how you can make use of the ever-popular “New Year, New You” mantra and build this into your marketing strategy, without lapsing into cynicism. Read on to find out more.

  • Use social media to your advantage: scrolling through Instagram and Facebook is as much a part of the average person’s daily routine as eating and sleeping. People make use of these platforms to post their own content, as well as absorb that of their favourite brands. The inclusion of high quality Before and After pictures to promote your latest treatment is a powerful tool to capture the attention of people investigating aesthetic procedures – perhaps to raise their confidence and self-esteem in the new year. Hashtags are also vitally important, and you’ll be guaranteed to see your fair share of #newyearnewme or #newyearnewyou come January. Use them to join the conversation and engage with your client base, a little bit of interaction will go a long way.
  • Appeal to eco-friendly and other awareness-driven trends: These days, there’s a big push towards using products that are more sustainable and kinder to the environment as well as consumers becoming more aware of the harm that certain products can bring to their health. If your treatments and products are safe, sustainable and ethical, publicise this. This will appeal to those making a more concerted effort to look after themselves and the world around them. This will allow you to build a reputation as an ethical skincare brand or beauty treatment provider, helping you to reach the growing masses pledging themselves to this vital new philosophy.
  • Stay true to your ethical values: with many people set on making radical lifestyle changes in January (after all, divorces peak in the first month of the year!), it’s crucial to make sure you keep to a strict duty of care within your practice and talk about what this means for you, and your patients. There is a balance to be struck between helping people take a brave new step for an aesthetic procedure, and keeping to your normal practice of no time-limited ‘New Year’ offers, thorough consultations and cooling off periods.

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