Meet The 'Bacne' Buster - Pamela Marshall | Kendrick Pr
July 23, 2019

Meet the Bacne Buster

Pamela Marshall Clincal Aesthetician, Co-Founder and Managing Director or Mortar & Milk

When it comes to treating facial acne, the market is saturated with options from on the shelf products to treatments that promise to heal and clear it. But a for our backs, tackling it doesn’t become a priority until Summer finds us reaching for something backless.

For all ‘Bacne’ concerns, meet Pamela Marshall, aka ‘The Bacne Buster’. Renowned for her no-nonsense approach to superior skin health, Clinical Aesthetician Pamela Marshall take s us back to basics with all things ‘Bacne’.

HOW does it form?

“Back acne happens when there are high levels of oil production combined with bacteria build up in the pores on the back.”

WHY does acne appear on our backs?

“We have a high density of pores on our backs, which means a higher chance of a breakout. Our sebaceous glands are connected to our pores and when theres an abundance of oil, combined with too much bacteria, our pores will swell up in order to try regulate our sebum production. That swelling will cause inflammation which can lead to a spot. Non-breathable clothing, not washing bedsheet and wearing sweaty workout clothes can also cause or contribute to ‘bacne”

HOW to treat ‘bacne’?

“Ingredients like mandelic acid (derived from almonds!) and polyhydroxy acids work to kill bacteria, dislodge congestions and reduce inflammation. I suggest the brands Exuviance and NeoStrata. There is also a diet component to acne, always try to eat food made with love. Processed food should be removed from your diet as much as possible.”