October 4, 2019


Finding a tangible and relevant ‘hook’ to connect your customers into your marketing efforts can be tricky. Marketing budgets are tight, prospective and existing customers are bombarded with adverts and marketing messages on a daily basis, and many are now much more selective about the communications they receive and on which platform. It’s more important than ever for businesses to be relevant and relatable to their target audience, and to make use of clever, and cost-effective marketing tactics. Tailoring your marketing with ‘environmental hooks’ is a great example of how to cut through the noise, grab your customer’s attention and relay your messages in a way which resonates.


Remember we’re not talking about ‘environmental’ in the sense of being ‘green’, but relating to topics that are current, timely, trendy or connected with what you’re trying to communicate about. This could be anything from seasonal trends, sporting fixtures and high-profile events to national health campaigns and movements, or even just something topical in the world of celebrity or current events. These ‘hooks’ are usually highly topical, with broad reach, relevance and engagement and will be automatically discussed or appearing in the public consciousness. So, by identifying and capitalising on the right environmental hook you can connect with both existing and prospective customers in a straightforward, low-cost and attention-grabbing way that delivers tangible business benefits.


So how could this work for aesthetics businesses? The best way to leverage these opportunities is to keep it simple, and identify one or two opportunities that are really relevant for your demographic, the services you want to promote, and the outcome you want to achieve. Many national campaigns and events repeat at the same time every year, so you can plan ahead for the next one, but don’t be afraid to take advantage of something that arises at short notice.

The tone and reason for each environmental hook will vary, and so should your approach and the promotion or message you put across. There are a number of ways you can drive footfall into the clinic off the back of the opportunity, such as running a promotional offer, sharing case studies that demonstrate your expertise, or even generating a buzz around a new treatment or piece of equipment.

Your campaign needs to be easy and relevant for customers and prospects to get involved with, but should also be mindful of audience sensitivity around certain treatments. For example, a light-hearted approach could work to reach male customers for hair removal treatments at the end of Movember, encouraging them to post a selfie of their moustache on social media, perhaps tagging the clinic to receive 10{e442a131e25ab01b06f1090e505c3450b206776ca13ce7bbc157d81da6f3d916} off their next treatment. In contrast, a teeth-whitening promotion during Stoptober would be better positioned in a supportive, confidence-building manner, on a more personal basis. Patients are unlikely to share experiences on sensitive treatments in a public forum, but you could approach this through an email newsletter or blog that showcases a series of sympathetic case studies that showcase previous success, alongside an opportunity to win a treatment/vouchers/a discount at the clinic.

Whatever you might choose to do, aim to be timely, natural and relevant in order to successfully build and maintain your brand awareness and credibility, and ultimately be front of mind to support your clients in achieving their goals.


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