December 10, 2018

Revamping Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

“New Year, New You,” as the saying goes, but there’s no reason why that statement should only apply to your personal life! If you run an aesthetics business, you’ll know just how difficult it is to market yourself in a market chock full of competition. With 2019 firmly on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about how to plan and execute your marketing strategy to ensure the new year brings the success you deserve, and at Kendrick PR, we’re here to help you.


Warning Signs

Before you begin making alterations to your strategy, it’s critical to assess the existing strengths and weaknesses, in order to adjust and maximise your plans moving forward. If you’ve had a fantastic year in terms of marketing achievements, it’s still important to evaluate your strategy to apply these learnings in other areas – to capitalise on what’s working well without wasting resources on less profitable methods. When looking at past strategies, it’s important to have a robust system for measuring success. This includes re-examining old SEO campaigns to ensure rankings have not fallen over time, comparing this against traffic and conversions to find a correlation in declining statistics. Scrutinising your keyword list and replacing those that are no longer doing the trick with more relevant terms could be the key to unlocking future success.

Another factor that may be impacting website traffic is social media usage. If you’ve yet to dip your toe into the sea of social media – consider how best to integrate this into your schedule, as it is one of the first places potential customers will look for you. If you have tried social media strategies and you haven’t seen a good return on investment or engagement, it’s important to examine why that is and alter your plans appropriately.

If you’re bringing in a decent stream of traffic but are still low on conversions, you track how visitors to your website engage with it, allowing you to pinpoint the issues that turn them off from what you have to offer. This may be a navigational issue, or due to a need to rejuvenate your content. Either way, it is important to assess this carefully and make strategic adjustments, rather than guesswork.

It’s important to remember that all marketing campaigns need to be continuous, long-term, and ongoing to encourage a steady stream of potential leads. Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint, so as well as developing and implementing further plans, past efforts must be maintained to ensure you are squeezing the best results possible, keeping your business thriving in the year to come. Equip yourself with the necessary information to fully assess your previous efforts and use this to shape your strategy moving into the new year.


Moving Forward

Once you have an insight into how well your marketing efforts help up in 2018, you can look ahead to the new year with a fresh mindset and put your gained knowledge to use. You might find it beneficial to look at what your competitors have done, and learn from their triumphs and mistakes as well as your own. This isn’t to say you should copy their approach to the letter, but rather, let their tactics influence and guide you into finding successes of your own.

It is important to bear in mind that the online landscape is constantly changing, and in order to plan a successful year, you should be aware of what changes the platforms you use are planning to implement in the year to come. Sometimes, these changes can come out of the blue, so there’s little you can do, but, as is the case for most platforms, often they will have been planned in advance with plenty of prior warning to the user base. Make sure you do your research on the platforms you are planning to use so that you don’t get caught out, rendering your strategy plan less effective.

Good planning is the foundation of a successful strategy: once you have an idea of what you need to achieve marketing success in 2019, you will never have to rely on improvising your strategy on a daily basis.

For help breathing new life into your marketing strategy, please get in touch.

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